Oak Park Schools

Oak Park Schools

Welcome to the only district in CA that has a Green Ribbon designation. A social conscious district, they use only natural and organic materials. Oak Park is a “District of Choice.” Meaning people from other districts can apply for their children to attend school in this district.


Oak Park schools have been proficient in incorporating technology into their curriculum. They have a strong wireless system, and beginning in the Kindergarten classrooms, Smart Boards and I Pads are used.


For kids whose birthdays are “on the cusp” or who aren’t yet ready to attend Kindergarten, Oak Park offers the Discovery program at multiple elementary schools. Also, for those kids having difficulty learning in a traditional classroom, there is a Continuation School, within the district. Additionally, the district offers Independent Study programs for kids who are in training for high level sports or who are working in the television/movie industry.


Oak Park Schools are continuing to move forward. The older schools in the district have undergone, and will continue to undergo, renovations. As of 2015, a new music program is in the works, and the following year, they hope to build a marching band. Oak Park is a highly acclaimed and sought out BLUE RIBBON school district.


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